2019 Luncheon with Representative Trey Gowdy

2019 6th Annual Luncheon- Representative Trey Gowdy

Another Fabulous Luncheon!

On behalf of staff, residents, and our Board of Directors, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU for helping us kick off 2019 in a record breaking way!  Our 6th Annual Luncheon of Love, with former Representative Trey Gowdy, was our most successful with over 1,000 attendees in the room, and more than $800,000 raised in support of Mama’s House!  What an experience it was to see so many there who care about the good work taking place in support of mothers and babies in crises.

Beginning with the most sponsorships ever, 27 table sponsors and 43 Individual VIPs!  We also welcomed 287 new people to the luncheon who were introduced for the 1st time to Mama’s House.  How awesome is that?  We thank you for the part you played in the very best silent auction ever, as well as the most fun and successful live auction ever, with more than $245,000 raised during the paddle raiser alone. The guests came to hear our riveting speaker, Trey Gowdy, and left having poured out their support in so many ways!  Dozens of new volunteers have already begun to rock babies, teach, drive and more, while inquiries to learn more come in weekly.


To the many faithful supporters who have come alongside MAMA'S HOUSE and HEARTbeat At 22 from our very first days, thank you!  Words seem inadequate, but please know our hearts are eternally grateful for you.  No matter the level of support in prayer, in-kind donations, financial support - or all the above - you are loved and greatly appreciated. None of this would exist had you not listened to your heart and God's whispers to look our way and get involved.

We are thrilled to provide the following numbers so that you can see for yourselves how God has blessed this ministry over the years, through you! To Him be the glory for working in and through ALL of us - great things He has done - and great things He will continue to do if we remain faithful and trusting Him to guide us in all our ways.              

YEAR              SPEAKER                     ATTENDED       FUNDS RAISED  

2013              Pam Tebow                            450                          $ 55,000

2015              Kevin Sorbo                            700                          $108,000

        2016              Laura Ingraham                       950                         $423,000     

     2017              Mike Huckabee                        999                          $574,000       

 2018              Lt. Col. Allen West                   770                          $560,000  

2019           Representative Trey Gowdy     1,000                $800,000

As we have grown, so has our operating budget which is now approximately $550,000. We continue to pay down the Mama’s House mortgage that began in 2016, with a  goal to have the house paid off by late 2020. We have taken a minimum of $120,000 each year, from the above funds raised at our luncheon to meet this goal. We want you to know that we diligently aim to keep our mission expenses as low as possible while meeting the needs of 10 residents, their babies, past residents who are in our aftercare program, all while continuing to reach mothers-in-need, within the community, at Hope Center. Also, our Founder and Executive Director, Jan Lupia, takes no salary and sees this work as her mission in service to her Lord Jesus Christ.

As you can see, we cannot rely on our luncheon proceeds entirely and depend on private donations. If you are able to assist with a recurring monthly "where most needed" donation, it would be greatly appreciated. If your church has a local mission and/or outreach budget, we would be happy to visit with them about ongoing support. Likewise, if you know of a family/private foundation or wealth advisors that we could respectfully approach with more information about our organization, please call Jan Lupia at 844-232-8622 Ext. 1.

Jan Lupia's door is ALWAYS open for you to come visit to further discuss any of this information, learn more about our programs, or simply rejoice and celebrate with her and the Mama's House Team over all the awesome things God is doing at Mama's House!  "We don't have the right to say we have done anything on our own. God gives us all it takes to do what we do!" II Corinthians 3:5


Saturday, February 8, 2020

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