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Spirit of Hope by Maria Hunt

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Original painting "Spirit of Hope" by Maria Hunt

Spirit of Hope was created for the opening of the Hope Center. I wanted it to inspire hope in those coming in for help. This non-profit organization is devoted to offering help and hope to pregnant women who desire to provide a better life for their unborn child. They are offered counselling, education, parenting training, housing, mentoring, with qualified volunteers to assist them in achieving their goals.

The modified version of the original, "Spirit Of Hope II," has more gold and less magenta, and is rectangular rather than square. Going through my galleries, you'll find very FEW "abstract" paintings. My heart was prepared to complete an abstract by courses I taught at the Children's Museum of the Desert. One was introducing 3rd graders to Pop Art by showing them works by Jackson Pollock. After practicing at home, I demonstrated "How" to pour, splatter, canvas manipulation, etc. Practicing myself and guiding the students prepared me for the request to create this abstract painting. Other than color changes, they asked that I refine the center image that was an abstracted "dove". I approached the project using unprimed canvas, as Pollock did. For more details on how this came to be, read below. Suffice it to say, this image seems to expose the turquoise because of the addition of gold.

How it came to be? I am not an abstract painter and "abstract" was desired. After multiple tries, in desperation, I got on my knees and surrendered my hands to be guided...This is more a painting by the Holy Spirit. I prayed for inspiration one color and brushstroke at a time. Interestingly, when I took the unstretched, completed canvas to the Hope Center.. My immediate reaction was disappointment in my "listening" skills-- and in the results. I went back to my studio, turned the canvas over, I began again... and in constant prayer... yet "nixed" two of the colors I had used in my 1st try. Thinking this painting was acceptable, I took the "New" painting back to the Hope Center and they loved it... except they asked if I could add red (one of the colors I nixed) and, walking down the hall, I found the other color I had omitted (a whole room painted in that color). My prayers were answered... I just didn't listen, or didn't believe.

To order canvas prints or blank note cards of Spirit of Hope and Spirit of Hope II to help support Mama's House, click here.

Maria Hunt

After 30 years as a successful business woman, Maria and her husband moved to the desert where she pursued her childhood passion for art.  Starting in 2000, she began art classes at College of the Desert, and has continued her studies with workshops throughout the U.S. for both Watercolor and Oil painting. In addition to painting, Maria has focused her creativity in the classroom, helping others unlock their creative skills.  Maria dedicates her time to teaching our residents art. She also taught Art Camp for Kids at the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Children's Discovery Museum in Rancho Mirage. She uses her art to help others by regularly donating art, or proceeds from art sales, to charities throughout the desert. Maria participated in Palm Desert’s for Public Art pilot project, painting electrical boxes on El Paseo and 4 locations for City of La Quinta. Currently, she is devoting her time to focus on more art programs at Mama's House. When not teaching, you can find her under a wide-brimmed hat, taking in the beauty of our desert while trying to capture it on paper or canvas. She has a passion for life and nature which is evident in her art.  You can contact her at (760) 774-6373 or visit pixels.com and search Maria Hunt to see her range of works in both watercolor and oil.

'ART, something I always wanted as part of my life, HAS become a passion that fills my soul, and leaves me full of joy, one brushstroke at a time.'

Volunteer Spotlight

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