My GED Story

I started off trying to find a good institution to complete my high school degree. I decided to attempt going back to high school. Early August, just when the school season was starting up, I enrolled in an independent study program called CBK at Don F. Kennedy Charter School. Finding out I had 177 credits to complete, I was determined to get it done. Week after week turning in assignment after assignment, I realized it was too much work for me to complete with all the other commitments I had.

Looking for other options, I found the GED program, which tests for 4 main subjects. I decided to do my favorite subject first Science; I scheduled the test hardly having studied and passed it with flying colors. The next one I chose was Social Studies. This one took a few weeks of intense studying, and I barely passed. Feeling confident, I knew the Language Arts one was going to be easy. Believe it or not, I had to study my butt off, and they assigned me a wonderful tutor who helped me with the writing assignment. Lastly, it was the subject I despised...Math. I immediately got a tutor to begin studying.

My first test came and went with no success; I just continued working. After 3 months of studying and 2 more failed attempts, it was now time to take it again. Something was different this time, the math was finally starting to make sense! Going into the test nervous and full of worries, I started praying to God. Hoping I passed, I finished and walked out of the test with my head up tall.

Coming home and meeting with my mentor helped to take my mind off things, I checked the GED website. Victory! I Passed! Calling everyone I could think of spreading the news, I was ready to start this new chapter in my life. Continuing my program at Mama’s House, I am now finding a babysitter for my son so I can start looking for part time work.


Natalie is a current Resident at Mama's House.

Resident's Corner

Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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