A Resident's Writing About Gratefulness

Imagine a world without gratefulness.  Imagine everyday you wake up with a bitter heart, your mom makes you burnt toast, doesn’t even say good morning, you don’t even care.  Without gratefulness, where would we be as a society?  Without gratefulness, who would we be as people?  I think you and I both know the answer: nothing.

I believe that in today’s world we lack gratefulness.  Whether it’s for the big things or the little things we often forget to acknowledge the amazing things God has created for us and given to you and I.  I, however, am grateful for so many things.  I’m grateful for my daughter.  I truly believe that if she wasn’t conceived I would probably be dead right about now.

My daughter is turning one year old and I love her so much.  Her life and her existence has motivated me to do things and go places I’d never thought I would even come across.  I’m grateful for her and that gratefulness has made my love so intensely strong.  I will do anything and everything I can to make sure she has the best life possible.

I plan to raise her in the house of the Lord, with lots of love, and wisdom, and the stability I never had.  I’m grateful for the mentality I have to do so.  I’m grateful for her great big smile and her amazing personality.  On the days that I don’t want to smile and I feel my depression take hold, every little thing she does, even when she’s grumpy, lights up my whole world.

You see, gratefulness has changed me.  Gratefulness and God (mostly God) have opened my heart and mind to experience true love…the love of a mother and daughter, an unbreakable bond.  Over time, as she grows older, I hope to teach her the things that she has taught me in her (almost) one year of life. Gratefulness.

Written by Anonymous Resident

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