Dear Leana,

You have made my life joyful again. God blessed me with you at a time in my life where I was hopeless and felt no one needed me. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, but it happened. I really was even more confused and worried that I wasn’t gonna have a home for me to be able to bring you home, but I cried out to God about you. He knew the desire of my heart, so I had seen God work a miracle for me by Him opening a bed for us at Mama’s House. It was then that I’ve been able to rest well since the day I brought you home with me you’ve filled a place in my heart that I now know was empty. You are a beautiful, smart, healthy baby girl who is helping me find some purpose in this world besides serving the Lord because he kept his promise to me and made a way to have you and in a beautiful home with lots of Christian beautiful, strong women to love and support us. Please cherish me as much as I have cherished you. 

Your Momma,


PS- Love you more than the moon and back

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Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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