"I feel hopeful here and at home. I am nine months sober and clean."


Growing up I hated home and was always running away. My mom never paid attention to me or my sisters, caring only about partying with her friends. Eventually I found myself pregnant. My mom and I fought even more and when my son Christan was 2 months old she threw us both out calling me a liar and saying she didn't want us there. Moving in with my boyfriend didn't work. Eventually, Child Protective Services took my son away and I left him.


At first it was "couch hopping", then sleeping on the streets behind buildings, in parks, breaking into hold houses, wherever I could stay.  I got into drugs and just couldn't get it together. With nothing and nowhere to go, I just existed day to day until I was arrested, spending 45 days in jail. When I went in, I knew I was pregnant. Now I was scared I would lose this baby also. Upon meeting with Probation, they said if I found a place to live they would let me out.


For so long I had let the enemy of my soul keep me down. I hadn't followed the law, and now I would be on probation and have trouble getting a job. But God answered my prayers for a place to be, it was Mama's House. From the first contact, they were willing to work with me if I was ready to change! I wanted to get my life right and be prepared for my baby's arrival. God later revealed to me through scripture, the parable of the fig tree and in Matthew 21:21 it says, "He can move mountains." Since then, I look at my life's problems as mountains that my faith in God can move. He is so amazing!


I feel hopeful here and at home. I am nine months sober and clean and now have a healthy, beautiful daughter named Ivey who was born August 1st. I do not ever want to be homeless again for the sake of my daughter and my son whom I know I will see again.


Recently I took the College of the Desert assessment test and did well. I have many interests to explore. At Mama's House, I participate in creative writing classes, English, Math, art, and so much more. I put God first now, and follow Christ by living right. I have a wonderful mentor, Chris, who is super supportive and a good listener. She never judges me. Jan was with me when Ivey was born and is a true friend. She always reminds me that I am beautiful.


Before Mama's House, I did not feel like I could achieve anything. Now as I learn more about the Lord and grow spiritually, attend classes and set goals, my attitude is positive. I will not give up. I have been blessed to get a job working in the bakery of a wonderful market, something I had expressed a desire to do when I first was asked about interests! God is so good, and I am thankful for what you do to make Mama's House possible!

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