"Today, Bella and I are in an apartment. We have a car"


Nicole & Bella

Resident Stories

My name is Nicole and I have good childhood memories full of friends and sports, with parents who worked hard. When they separated, they took turns caring for me, but in high school, I fell behind and it seemed impossible to catch up. I didn't understand math and wanted to focus on art and at 17, I gave up and dropped out. Eventually I found a job in construction that lasted a couple of years and then began bartending which allowed me to get a car and an apartment. Though my parents were disappointed that I had left school, they were happy that I was making a way for myself.

This didn't last long as my car was stolen, the place I worked closed, and eventually I lost the apartment. Returning to my mom's to live was a hardship on her and our relationship and I began using drugs and losing control of my life. As things worsened I moved to the Rescue Mission, but within 3 weeks learned I was pregnant and not allowed to stay. I desperately needed to get myself together with a baby on the way! What a relief when they told me about Mama's House and made a call on my behalf.

Once there I rebelled against the rules more than once and was disciplined, but they always showed me grace and helped me understand why the program was strict. I am thankful for the women, including my mentor Denise, that surrounded me and helped me grow in every way. I now want to please God, as He was the first to show me undeserved grace.

At Mama's House I completed Step Studies, attended Celebrate Recovery weekly, graduated the CORP program through the Indio Police Dept, completed extensive parenting, job and life skills curriculum, received tutoring in Math, English and creating writing, further developed my artistic ability with multiple art classes, got my driver's license, studied the Bible, learning about God's promises for my life. I pray a lot more now and I know He hears me.

I am amazed how far I have come from feeling ashamed, abandoned and condemned for making wrong choices that hurt me and others. It was in step studies I learned to make amends, then move on and find release. My Savior Jesus Christ redeemed and restored me. I love learning more about Him and what He has planned for me and my beautiful Bella Rose who was born in January.

Today, Bella and I are in an apartment. We have a car. Though not together, her father and I learned to co-parent. I work with a Chef on private events, meeting new people and being creative. Because of what God is doing in my life, my family is reunited. I have made so many friends at Mama's House, and will be forever grateful for this place I still call home. Come see for yourself what is so special. Thank you for your support of Mama's House.

Resident Stories

Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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