"Mama's House has shown unconditional love and I am on track for success"


Carolyn & Cassie

Resident Stories

I remember things taking a turn in my life when my youngest of two sisters died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. My parents never fully recovered and separated shortly after. My father turned to meth and my mom dove deeper into alcohol. Their addictions left us to fend for ourselves while in and out of relative's homes. I ran away at 15 and was homeless not long after, sleeping at friends' houses, drinking, and shoplifting. I was out of control and though I was fearless, life was getting harder by the day. It wasn't long before I was an alcoholic.

I went back to live with my dad temporarily and though I didn't graduate high school, I finished my GED, then moved into a dorm to begin classes in Culinary Arts. Unfortunately, my drinking made it impossible to maintain classes and soon I was forced to drop out. By age 21 every bridge had been burned with family and friends as I was drinking and blacking out on a regular basis. My family had seen my mom pass away from alcohol poisoning and now it appeared I would follow in her footsteps.  Feeling completely lost I began to to more horrible things: slamming heroin and meth and selling my body for money and drugs. I was so into drugs that alcohol faded away.

When I got pregnant with my son Connor, I tried getting clean and going home a couple of times, but unsuccessfully. I just wasn't strong enough and when Connor arrived underweight and addicted to heroin, Child Protective Services promptly took him from me. Leaving the hospital suicidal and looking for a high, I was arrested and sentenced to 3 months in county jail. Conner was just 10 days old and I remember thinking, "This is the end," but it was not. I sobbed my eyes out and pleaded with God. I twas impossible to accept the loss of my son, but a feeling of relief came over me when I learned that my aunt had adopted him.

Eventually, I was mandated to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and there I felt like God intervened. I gave my life to Him and entered the New Life Program. Unfortunately, I was still battling my additions and upon release returned to my awful ways. It wasn't long before I ended up pregnant again and this time God led me to Mama's House. They took me in and though It's been rocky and I have messed up, I know now that I am going to make it. On July 21st, my daughter Cassandra Grace was born.

Mama's House has shown unconditional love and I am on track for success, focused on one day at a time, and celebrating being clean and sober. My faith and love for God has transformed me into a new creation. I have my family back in my life, have discovered that music is a spiritual gift, and I love to sing any time I am asked - whether at church or various functions. Considering how long my emotions were numbed by drugs and alcohol I am happy with my progress and looking forward to what God has planned for Cassie and me. I am thankful for your support of Mama's House.

Resident Stories

Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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