Sonny's Story

My name is Saddamna, my friends call me Sonny and I’m 19 years-old.  When I came to Mama’s House with my son Zain, I was pregnant with my daughter Zaylah, born in March. HavIng children at a young age should not defIne me or my future, as I refuse to give up regardless of the challenges I may face.  I’ve had difficult challenges since I was a young child.

My young mom left me after I was born. My dad was imprisoned for 6 years and passed away when I was 9. I grew up wIth my stepmom & sister and always wanted a good family life and to be happy together, but it never happened. No one ever really cared about me and I secretly started to cut myself to release my paIn. I was numb and wanted to feel something else, to have a close family. I was so used to no one carIng about me that I further distanced myself, and continued cutting. When my mom found out, she didn’t do anythIng, but my sister called 911. I ended up staying at a psychiatric clinic on a 51/50 hold. When I was released, my mom acted like nothing had happened. No one in my famIly asked if I was okay.

In the middle of all my pain, I met a guy at school who would become my son’s father. It was a manipulative, abusive relationship that eventually ended before Zain was born. One day my brother got physical with me at my stepmom’s house where I was living and because it was no longer a safe place for us, I left and stayed with different friends and before long, I was pregnant again. A school counselor connected me to Safe House before coming to Mama’s House. I had shared that I was pregnant with my sister and after telling me what a failure I had been all my life, she advised me to have an abortion.  I didn't respond to her. I knew that moment that all would be ok if I trusted God and let Him care for me. I dId trust Him and still do. 

I came to Mama’s House broken, lost, and unsure of what was next, but I knew I wanted change. My time here has been a work in progress and has tested me. However, I've seen the change that’s been made in me. I am thankful for a safe place for me and my children as I further prepare for our future. SeeIng ZaIn grow and carrying my infant daughter Zaylah gives me more reasons to want a better life. I feel so happy raising my kids and I know that with God all things are possible. I will do my very best every day while enjoying the peace that comes with trusting God. Thank you for supporting Mama’s House. I cannot imagine where I would be had I not been given this opportunity.

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