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Natalie & Isaac

I was born in Orange, California and have a brother Greg who is five years older.  The family moved around several times, but it wasn’t long before my mom, diabetic since a young age, began having serious health problems.  Giving birth to my brother and five years later to me, took a serious toll on her health.  She was declining fast, in and out of the hospital, and at Thanksgiving when I was six, she passed away. My dad, not knowing how to cope, started spending money like crazy, showering me and my brother with gifts and hiring a live-in nanny to care of us while he worked.  Eventually, he started dating a lady whom I now call my step mom, but it was an awful beginning.  I couldn’t stand seeing her take control of the house, acting like my mother.  In desperation, I rebelled. My brother, by then 15, was already doing drugs, having sex, and partying. I joined them at only 10 years old, smoking cigarettes and weed, even drinking on occasion.  My dad and his bad spending habits resulted in us losing our house and moving to another city when I was just starting 8th grade. By high school, I was into heavy drugs and it wasn’t long before I was expelled for selling weed. This led to a continuation school until the night I got super “blackout” drunk, was arrested and placed on a 6-month juvenile probation but continued smoking weed resulting in an extended probation.   Nothing seemed to work, and before long I tested positive for meth. I was a hopeless mess on probation, in and out of juvenile hall, and then group home after group home, even selling drugs to other residents while in San Bernardino. This resulted in being sent to a home in Los Angeles and from there to another in Iowa where I was kicked out for fighting! I came full circle, back in California in the same juvenile home where I turned 18 and the judge released me into my parent’s custody.

Still hanging around with the wrong people, not serious about school, on the streets for days and heavily doing drugs, it was no surprise that I ended up pregnant. Upon learning this, I did immediately stop doing meth and alcohol, but still smoked weed and cigarettes. My step mom wanted me out of the house and finally, at eight months pregnant, I found Mama’s House. I knew that I had to turn my life around once and for all, and it is here in this program that I am receiving therapy and learning to deal with the pain I experienced while young. I have been able to complete my G.E.D. I now admit that I am an addict and will be forever tempted by drugs and alcohol, therefore I am gathering as much education as possible and the necessary tools to resist temptation and lead a sober life. I have found the God who never stopped pursuing me and am grateful He led me to Mama’s House where I am preparing myself to take the best care of myself and my son, Isaac!


Natalie is a current Resident at Mama's House.

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Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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