Because of this wonderful place, and by God’s grace, Jayden and I are now headed into a very bright future full of promise!


Heather & Jayden

Resident Stories

Before Mama’s House, I was going about life very carelessly with no direction or plan for the future. My lifestyle included unprotected sex with my boyfriend, and it wasn’t long before I knew something was not right. A visit to Planned Parenthood confirmed my pregnancy. They gave me the details about abortion, and pressured me into setting up an appointment immediately for the procedure “the sooner, the better.” I wanted to talk to my boyfriend, but blinded by love, I was unaware he had begun using methamphetamine. Though he was against abortion, he could offer no support.


Raised with no conception of God or religion and no support from family or friends, I scheduled the appointment for an abortion as everyone insisted it was my only choice. The day before the appointment, I tried something different and prayed to a god I didn’t really believe existed, asking “Who can I talk to … someone I can trust?” Almost immediately a name came to mind and I immediately called, explaining my situation. This beautiful woman told me there were two women I needed to meet after work, and I agreed as I had nothing to lose.

When I met with them and heard about a place full of love and hope where I could go have my baby, I could not believe it was true! They promptly put me in the car and took me to see what would soon become the place that for the first time in my life would really feel like my home!

That night I was only 12 hours away from aborting my child because of relentless pressure to terminate my pregnancy. I desperately needed a safe and secure place to go, just like many others out there who are scared and have not heard about Mama’s House. I have my amazing son today and I cannot imagine life without him. I used to envision what he would look like down to every detail, and all the while God was busy creating him to be exactly as I saw him! This brings me to tears, and I thank God for answering my prayer that night and for leading me straight to Mama’s House! Because of this wonderful place, and by God’s grace, Jayden and I are now headed into a very bright future full of promise! Please come to the Luncheon and celebrate with us!

Resident Stories

Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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