Yvette & Isaiah

" I don’t ever want to let them or myself down again."

Growing up, it was tough as my parents were addicted to drugs and we bounced from house to house.  Eventually, my mother got clean and decided to move us to Palm Springs for a new start in our lives.  By then, I was almost eighteen, and in my mind, already a lost cause.  I had been through so much that nothing mattered to me anymore. I was always running away, skipping school, and had moved in with my boyfriend.  At that time, all I did was work and go out with my friends to steal from stores and drink alcohol.  I always thought I could do whatever I wanted because I had no cares or responsibilities in the world.

In September 2014, I found myself pregnant.  My boyfriend’s dad kicked me out when he found out and I had no choice but to go to my mom’s house.  There I constantly argued and fought with my step-dad so much that I knew it was unhealthy to live there. One day we got into a huge fight and I was told to leave because of my carelessness. Now, I had no options.

Looking through papers I received from my doctor, I found a place called Mama’s House.  Hopelessly, with no options or idea of where to go or who to help me and my unborn baby, I called.  A woman answered the phone and began telling me about Mama’s House.  We then met and I chose to go live there.  I’ve always believed that there’s no way someone could ever love someone like me, especially the way the people at Mama’s House did.  The way they helped and guided me.  Mama’s House was like nothing I had seen before… a place where so many amazing people unconditionally loved and cared about me.  And though I think I am not an easy person to love, I now understand it is possible to love others that way!  Mama’s House never gave up on me.  That was life changing.  They always gave me the tough love I desperately needed, and helped me find a way to Jesus while understanding that I had a meaning and purpose in life.  Most importantly, Mama’s House helped me love myself and see that I was worth more than I knew.

Three months into being there, I let my pride get the best of me and I left.  I wish I could’ve known how bad I was hurting myself.  I began to struggle again, but worse than before as I had no idea what to do.  In May 2015, I gave birth to a handsome baby boy, Isaiah.  He changed my life completely and made me become a better person. Shortly after his birth, I became involved with Mama’s House again in the After Care Program.

It was great to see the staff at Mama’s House again.  Spending time talking at Hope Center and hearing their words of wisdom, love, and encouragement was inspirational and gave me the boost I needed to press on.  I’ve always said that leaving in the first place was the biggest mistake, but now, even when I strive, I don’t ever want to let them or myself down again.

Now fast forward to three and a half years later, I am better than ever!  I am a manager of a retail store.  Isaiah’s dad and I just welcomed a new baby boy named Sebastian.  We now have our own apartment where we continue to practice our faith and do better.  Of course, Mama’s House is a big part of our family’s life because without them I don’t know where I’d be.

The people surrounding  Mama’s House are the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met. They do not judge anyone and always make sure you are okay. I’ve not only become a better person because of Mama’s House, but I’ve repaired the relationship with my mom and step-dad and even gave Isaiah his middle name.  
I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mama’s House, me and my family!


Yvette is a former resident of Mama's House.

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