Autumn's New Adventure!

My new adventure started out on January 14th, 2019. I jumped into the new year with fresh hopes and dreams as I started an eight-week class to become a certified nurse’s assistant. I was motivated and excited!

The first few weeks took some adjusting, I had to figure out what my routine was going to be like and get my 1 year old daughter, Sadie, to also adjust and cooperate with that routine as well as a new babysitter. I think at first it was overwhelming for her to be away from me for eight hours a day while I was in class, but eventually she adjusted. I just kept reminding myself that I was doing this, so we could have a better future. The bottom line was I needed to focus. I only had eight weeks to learn eighteen modules. The theory part was intense going through two to three modules a day, homework every night, a quiz every day, and an optional workbook for extra studying. The weeks went by fast, and I was surprised by the grades I was getting. Slowly my self confidence started building. By the time clinicals came, I was excited to get on the floor and start caring for people.

I quickly learned the first few days that it truly takes a special person to do this job, and doing it was nothing like what I had imagined. The first few days I spent a lot of time observing and processing the things around me that I was seeing and helping with. I saw a lot of medical conditions I’d never seen before. I also realized the huge need for CNAs that are gentle, caring and mindful of others and the situations they are in and going through. I was very sensitive when it came to seeing others in pain or under stress and trying to cope with what was going on in their lives, but I did not know how to respond at first. I empathized with some of these people and tried to imagine myself or my grandmother going through this. It was very humbling. As the days passed, I got more comfortable and started to get familiar with the facility. Before I knew it, clinicals came to an end. I was back at school preparing for my final exam, graduation and of course the state test. I was nervous about my final exam after being out of the classroom for a few weeks. I was hoping I didn’t forget too much. So, the final had 100 questions, and to my surprise I only missed three! The next day was graduation and I graduated with perfect attendance and the highest GPA. At first, I did not believe it! I thought to myself my instructor must be lying... I probably have the second highest or something. When he announced it in front of everyone, I was shocked. I know I was trying my best, but I’ve never had the highest GPA in school.

Graduation day came and went, and I really felt amazing, I was proud of how well I had done. I still wasn’t done though as I had to still pass my state exam and skills test. I couldn’t lose focus now, I had to take it seriously. Testing day I was a nervous wreck all day, although I did feel confident. When I finally opened the letters and I saw that I passed both, I felt very accomplished looking back on everything.

This whole experience has made me really think about my next move and my future and the foundation I am building for my daughter and I. When I first started school, I was not thinking about going any further in the healthcare field. I wasn’t sure if I would be fit for it or not. However, after seeing the fruits of my efforts and being encouraged by my instructors from the school and the people who are close to me and who support me and my goals, I am now confident and looking into starting the LVN program in June.

This opportunity has been life changing. I am so thankful and blessed.

Autumn's Big Day!
Autumn, Kimberly, & Sandra, all residents of Mama's House, achieving their goals!


Autumn is a Mama's House resident working hard to make positive changes in her life.

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