A Letter about Forgiveness

Written by an Anonymous Resident

Let’s face it, many of us have issues from our past that hold us back and cloud the enjoyment of our present. Whether it’s your “dysfunctional childhood,” a terrible past relationship, a psycho ex-partner, painful memories of school-yard bullies or some other story, holding onto resentment affects you in countless ways.

It can kill your enjoyment of life, affect current relationships, or hold you back from experiencing love. It can even live in your body and cause illness.

Years ago, I was living in a constant state of blame and resentment. I was angry at my parents, I was still incredibly angry at an ex-boyfriend who “did me wrong,” I was embarrassed and ashamed of my past mistakes and I carried all of those emotions around with me.

I was consumed with how I had been wronged. I just couldn’t enjoy my life and I couldn’t forgive. I would lay awake at night recounting a conversation from over ten years before and still feel as aggrieved as the first time.

I tried counseling and therapy, but I felt like there was a block, I was still angry. All the time. My counselor said I had unforgiveness in my heart, I didn’t believe her at first, I couldn’t believe this anger was from not forgiving, but I was desperate, I was willing to do anything to find relief.

She had me do this exercise, the secret to forgiveness is so simple and profound, it’s hard to articulate how much it has changed my life.

This one mantra can set you free -- more than anything else. She said it was a place to start, so I did.

I forgive you…

I’m sorry…

I love you…

Get ready to experience a feeling of calm and peace about past events.

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