A Resident's Personal Letter to Drugs

Hi Meth,

We were best friends for a long time. You were my everything. I always turned to you for all my problems, arguments, and when I was bored you made me feel so good and helped me forget all my problems, my anxiety, and my worries.  We went everywhere together and I never left without you.  I felt so lost when you weren’t with me and all my friends loved you too. We all shared your friendship, in fact you had a lot of friends and were never by yourself.  Lucky you!  I felt jealous of all your admirers, but little by little we all started to fight over you and kept you away from one another.  I didn’t realize how you were breaking us apart and taking everything away from me.  I was so stuck on you that I couldn’t see what was happening. After all, I had a job, I had a car, I had wonderful friends, and most importantly I had my kids with me.  Time went by though and everything changed.  I saw myself with no real friends and my family was disappointed. I was confused why you were doing this to me if I always loved you and always put you first in everything.  I was starting not to like that you kept me away from my loved ones and now you began to keep me away from my kids and having me take their stuff to please you.  What was going on, it wasn’t supposed to be that way!  When I finally opened my eyes with the help of my Lord, you had made a mess out of me and I was left with nothing.  You took the best things that ever happened to me, my kids!  Why did I let that garbage take control of my life?  I had nowhere or no one to turn to because of you and I hit rock bottom. I find myself looking for the pieces but I hate you because I lost everything precious that I had.  

But now, I’m gaining everything back and standing up to say NO to you!  I have my happiness back and a beautiful daughter that I was able to keep because you are no longer in my life!  The moment has come to say I’m thankful that I was able to say goodbye to you forever and that I was able to come to Mama’s House.  Here I have found courage to be a braver, stronger, and a better mother.

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