A Letter to My Baby

Dear Baby, 

Mommy found out about you when you were 6 weeks old in my womb. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster ride with emotions, physical changes, and hormones. You’ve made me nausea, vomit, emotional, break out in acne and much more. 

I had my first doctor’s appointment to know more about you when you were only 8 weeks old in my womb. They told me you were going to be making your big debut into this world in December. That made mommy nervous yet very excited because I knew time was going to fly by!

 My first trimester with you I was very tired. I wanted to sleep all the time. But I still stayed busy as much as I could. You woke me up at least every 2 hours during the night because I couldn’t get comfortable. However, I kept reminding myself all this will make it worth it in the end because I’ll get to hold you when this crazy journey is over. 

I’m finally in my 2nd trimester now with you. So far, I haven’t been AS tired. But I still get tired near the end of the day. Mommy gets to see you and how much you grow when I go to the doctors. The doctor uses a special tool so mommy can hear your heartbeat and see how big you have gotten as you get older. You are now 15 weeks old, and mommy can now see your little arms and legs kicking and moving around. You make mommy so excited to meet you as I see you jump and wiggle in my belly. You’re such an active little baby already! You make me wonder how you’re going to be when you’re born or even as you get older and more active. Mommy’s pretty sure she’s in for a crazy life with you!

I’m not sure if you’re a boy or a girl yet. I sure can’t wait to find out! Mommy will be more surprised than anyone though, because your grandma is giving me a party just to surprise me to tell me if you are a boy or girl. Mommy will be happy either way because I just want you healthy. No matter what, I will love you just the same!

I can’t wait to see what more this 40-week journey with you is going to be like. My biggest excitement will probably be at the end when you make your big debut into this world, and we all get to hear your first cry and mommy gets to hold you in my arms for the first time. 

Mommy loves you, my little baby. So much already. Keep growing healthy, strong and continue to grow bigger. I look forward to welcoming you into this big and crazy world! 



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