"God gave me another chance to live sober and keep my baby!"


Lorraine, Moving Forward

Resident Stories

When I was a young girl, my dad was always in and out of prison. Mom worked hard to support my siblings and me, and I did well in school until the 8th grade when suddenly she didn’t seem to care that I was hanging out with friends after dark, or spending the night away. I found out she had a drug problem that was hidden for years, in fact, she and my dad used drugs. By 14, I became drunk for the first time and used crystal meth. Knowing the struggle my parents had before getting sober did not stop me, as temptation was everywhere. I became so rebellious that my mom sent me away to live with a relative. While there, I studied hard, received good grades, got involved in sports, and began to feel normal. Returning home, I stayed focused for one year, even graduating high school and starting college. But soon I was back to old ways and moved into a “party house.”


I got a job and dated a guy who asked me to rent storage units for his “work” which turned out to be commercial burglary! When caught, he said nothing, allowing me to take the hit as the units were in my name. I was given 90 days in jail with 3 years’ probation, signing a 5-year joint suspension that said if I violated parole, I would do 5 years in prison! After just 60 days I was released. However, I had not learned my lesson and soon returned to drugs, partying, and not following the terms of probation which led to a warrant for my arrest.


Finding out I was pregnant brought me back to reality. I realized it was time to turn myself in and face up to my failures. I prayed and asked God to forgive me and show me a way to be rescued from the mess I had created. I heard a woman talking about a place of hope for women in crises pregnancies, and when I called a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders. Still scared that my baby would be born in prison if the court did not let me go to Mama’s House for help, I prayed for the judge to find favor with me, and he did! I was court-ordered into the program at Mama’s House!


God gave me another chance to live sober and keep my baby! I know He has good plans for my life and by His grace I have changed and am not the same woman I was. He is with me and gives me the strength I need every day. I have a testimony to share about my miracle transformation and how God has blessed me. He provided a way out of my misery, shame and guilt! Mama’s House is more than a shelter, it is home. Because of this place, I am now on my way to a better future and prepared to be a good mother to my son due in December! I thank you for supporting Mama’s House. Lorraine

Resident Stories

Challenges and successes, planning and projects, events and campaigns—we want to share the stories behind how God continuously works through Mama’s House to see lives forever changed.

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